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Our insurance uses technology that could help prevent a claim from ever happening in the first place. Before I decided to launch Hippo, I spent several years researching and analyzing the insurance industry. To my amazement, from sales to claims, the entire process was fragmented, with no real focus on the end-customer — the homeowner. Home insurance coverage was still set up to cover pewter bowls and fur coats, with limited coverage for the things people own today, like electronics and home office equipment. I believed that by building a full-stack tech platform that supports a modern customer experience, and bringing real time data into the equation, my team and I could eliminate all of these pain points — from financial losses due to lack of coverage, to frustrating claims experiences. Our annual renewal rate hovers above 90 percent and our NPS Net Promoter Score averages 75 which is nearly 3x the insurance industry standard, backed by our belief that modernizing home insurance starts with refocusing on the customer. What, in your view, is the main achievement of your product? Home insurance is a highly regulated and complex industry. Many insurtechs have emerged to solve specific areas of the insurance experience from underwriting to claims. We knew that to revolutionize the home insurance industry, we had to start from scratch, building our own proprietary products, policy management system, claims system—the whole tech-stack.
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Assaf Wand is the CEO and co-founder of insurtech startup Hippo which offers intuitive and proactive home insurance by taking a smarter, tech-driven approach. For a winning deck, take a look at the pitch deck template created by Silicon Valley legend, Peter Thiel see it here that I recently covered. Remember to unlock for free the pitch deck template that is being used by founders around the world to raise millions below.
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Who is Assaf Wand?

Hippo is an American property insurance company based in Palo Alto, California. Hippo offers homeowner's insurance that covers the homes and possessions of the insurance holder as well as liability from accidents happening in the insured property. They use AI and big data [1] to aggregate and analyze property information. The company sells insurance policies directly to customers and through independent insurance brokers. A serial entrepreneur who had previously founded several companies, Wand's interest in insurance was inspired by his father's lengthy career in the "antiquated" insurance industry. The funding was used, in part, to open a customer service and insurance operations center in Austin, Texas. Hippo acquired Sheltr, a San Francisco-based tech-enabled services startup designed to provide home wellness checkups, in November The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hippo insurance Type.

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Most businessmen find a line of business and stick to it. Not Assaf Wand. He is a serial entrepreneur with various launches which have done impressively well. Seems like it is on its way to achieving this goal, as the company is gaining great traction in the market with its excellent services and business model. If you are curious to know more about the man behind this growing company, this article reveals some lesser-known facts about him. Wand has had stints in various jobs and achieved varying levels of success in each. His first job was as a stock trader in Israel, a job that he worked at to support himself while studying for his law degree. Wand stated in an interview with Alejandro Cremades , that in Israel they all have to do military first before one was allowed to progress to their other ambitions. During this period, he was made Captain in the Air Force. He later started his undergrad at 24 years of age.

Assaf Wand is the CEO and co-founder of insurtech startup Hippo which offers intuitive and proactive home insurance by taking a smarter, tech-driven approach. For a winning deck, take a look at the pitch deck template created by Silicon Valley legend, Peter Thiel see it here that I recently covered. Remember to unlock for free the pitch deck template that is being used by founders around the world to raise millions below.

Alejandro : Alrighty. Hello, everyone, and welcome to the DealMakers show. So, without further ado, Assaf Wand, from Hippo, Welcome aboard. Assaf Wand : Thanks for having me, Alejandro. Alejandro : Originally, from Israel. So, how was life growing up in Israel, the startup nation? So, regulated industries are a perfect fit for Israelis.

Alejandro : Got it. I see that you have in terms of background, you did a little bit of law. Is that right? Assaf Wand : Yeah. Amongst the stuff that I did, I actually also have a law degree. Alejandro : I also have a law degree, so I understand what it means to be a recovering lawyer in one way or another.

At Tamir Fishman, but then right after that, you went into Intel Capital to become an investment associate. Was that before you started as a founder, or after? Assaf Wand : This is like a lengthy kind of thing, which is always make []. I started working as a trader, basically, in an Israeli investment bank.

I started working as a trader, trading at night U. I was a captain in the Air Force, so when I started my undergrad, I was Basically, think of it as an e-trade full-employee stock option enabling employees to trade their stock options just like you trade your stocks. Up until then, it was a very manual process. You had to go to the CFO. This is the Stripe price. This is a vesting period and all that. Then you need to call the investment bank.

Fax something. It was very manual and really, really painful. So, we left the bank. We started this company. Alejandro : What was the name? Assaf Wand : A very creative name. It used to be called [], which used to stand for Wand [].

It was like a service company. It was a service business that we offered this service to different public companies. It was a really interesting time. We set up the company. The company was doing really, really well, and then the market collapsed.

So, I started thinking of what we could do with that. So, basically, offering you insurance on your options that are going to be invested. At the end of the thing, we were acquired by one of the U. Then I went into Intel Capital. Alejandro : Okay. Really cool. How big was the company when you did the acquisition? Assaf Wand : Oh, timing. We were like four founders and then six more people.

So, was it like a big shock to go to the other side of the table? It was like within a very, very short time span there were like four acquisitions that negated our position. What I mean is that I think [] was bought by J. Morgan or by Chase, and then Chase was bought by J. Morgan, who basically started this whole consolidation going when you think about it like that. Alejandro : Yeah. I understand. During your time in Intel, did you make any investments that were interesting?

Did you identify certain patterns from founders that help you identify what a successful founder looks like? Assaf Wand : Yeah, I wish I could take credit for something like that. A I was a junior member of the team. Because of that, you have several ways to actually go, and my belief in growing in the venture capital as a junior person was to find all of the non-successful industries that nobody wants to take and drill into them. This is actually more the funds analysis was that there are several instigators for you to change a computer.

One of them was batteries. At that point of time, it was just about the transition between desktop to laptops. Centrino was the chip that Intel came up with. The biggest pain in laptops was that the battery would last for an hour and a half. So, we were looking, and I was looking, because nobody wants to take that position, into different battery technologies.

Assaf Wand : That was one thing, and the second instigator where they were looking which was actually a lot closer to was video games. So, this was two significant instigators.

There was also a new operating system every time Windows came up with a new thing, you kind of need to replace your computer.

Alejandro : Then why did you make the switch to McKinsey? Assaf Wand : The switch to McKinsey was slightly different. At that point of time, I was around 29 years old; basically, was heads-down, from the military, working like crazy throughout Intel Capital. I wanted a break. I wanted to diversify myself. I wanted to broaden my horizons, and I decided I wanted to go to business school.

I was fortunate enough to go to the University of Chicago. Then decided after that where I wanted to work, and I went to McKinsey. I have an amazing network. Consultants are about consulting and basically handing over the solution to someone else. I took the McKinsey job. I usually say it from all of the other reasons. I wanted to live in New York. I needed someone to take care of the Visa.

I wanted a company which is strong in international, and I can potentially go back to Israel. I can take an assignment in Israel and maybe find a woman. Why is that the case? Assaf Wand : I think the company is amazing as reported. The company is very supportive of the people that left the company as well. Then there is another component which is I think is very much []. Think about a McKinsey study. You take a random person. It basically gives you the confidence that smart people can learn any new industry in a very fast way and be competent.

The second thing, it demystified for you how the companies are working. Everything is done in a very professional way. This is like this. Alejandro : And they did launch again as an entrepreneur, so what was this next experience like? Assaf Wand : Next experience, I went back to Israel, and co-started two companies. So, one company that we started built the largest multi-tenant tower business in India.

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